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Robert Mann, PhD, D-ABFA, FCPP

Adjunct Professor

Phone: 808-268-5210
Address: 651 Ilalo St. BSB 119, Honolulu, HI 96813

Research Projects:
Dr. Mann is a board-certified forensic anthropologist and former Founding Director of the Department
of Defense (DoD) Forensic Science Academy. He helped establish the Mann-Labrash Osteological
Collection and his research interests include bone disease, skeletal trauma, non-metric traits and
anatomical variants in the human skeleton, and skeletal indicators of aging. Dr. Mann has written six
books and more than 130 scholarly, popular, and magazine articles.

Selected Publications:
Peer-reviewed articles
1. Mann RW, Koel-Abt K, Dhody A, Mahakkanukrauh P, Mann VJ, Techataweewan N, DeFreytas JR,
Ruengdit S. The Importance of Human Public Osteological Collections: Our Past, Present, and Future.
Forensic Science International (in press).
2. Mann RW, Labrash SL, Lozanoff S. A New Osteologial Resource at the John A. Burns School of
Medicine. Hawaii Journal of Medicine and Public Welfare (in press).
3. Palamenghia A, Cintia A, Mann RW, Girottia M, Vianoa G, Garanzinic F, Fulcherid E, Boano R. The
supracondylar process in subadult skeletal remains from Northern Italy (15th–18th century A.D.).
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 30(4):575-579, 2020.
4. Jasch-Boley I, Boschert S, Fellgiebel K, Palmowski V, Riesenberg M, Mann R, Wahl W. In situ
measurements versus linear regression formulas for body height estimation – a case study using burials
from the St. Martin’s church in Rottenburg-Sülchen. Beiträge z. Archäozool. u. Prähist. Anthropol XII:253-
265, 2020.
5. Mann RW and Hunt DR. Non-metric Traits and Anatomical Variants that Can Mimic Trauma in the
Human Skeleton. Invited author for Forensic Science International, Special Issue (SI) on Trauma 301:202-
224, 2019.
6. Mann RW, Goodhue WW, Happy C, Berryman HE, and Lozanoff S. Atypical Keyhole Gunshot Wound
to the Head: A Descriptive and Pictorial Case Report. Forensic Anthropology 2(3): 193-196, 2019.

1. Mann, RW. Ancestry and Sex in Human Crania: A Photographic Atlas. Charles C. Thomas Publisher,
Springfield, (in press).
2. Mann, RW. The Bone Book: A Photographic and Laboratory Manual for Identifying and Siding Human
Bones. Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Springfield, 2017.
3. Mann, RW, DR Hunt and S Lozanoff . Photographic Regional Atlas of Non-metric Traits and
Anatomical Variants in the Human Skeleton. Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Springfield, 2016.
4. Mann, RW and DR Hunt. Photographic Regional Atlas of Bone Disease: A Guide to Normal and
Pathological Variation in the Human Skeleton, Third edition. Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Springfield,
2012. (Translated and printed in Chinese, Science Press, Beijing in press 2020.)
5. Mann, RW and ME Williamson. Forensic Detective: How I Cracked the World’s Toughest Cases,
Random House Publishers, New York. (Translated into Chinese in 2008.)

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